Fashion Show


Fashion Show

There is an intense passion for fashion here at UIS as our common area has transformed into a runway for fashion models! As the fall brings on the chilly weather, Check out the Fashion Trends with the UIS Catwalk!

The student council and UIS clubs were heavily involved with the organization of this event! Students are encouraged to join clubs based on their academic stream; this is where passion aligns with a career as UIS gives the opportunity for students to apply their skills and talents toward their desired line of work. Join the many clubs UIS has to offer to find out if your desired post-secondary major is the right fit for you!

UIS Fashion class students have put together a showcase with all their creations throughout the term. Do you have what it takes to walk the walk, and design the cloth? Then come and Join us at UIS for our fashion event!

The Fashion class, with their teacher, put a lot of work into planning out this show. However, it’s not all just creative outfits and talented students, but rather, lights, cameras, and action! Join the creative community at UIS in our fashion show where students showcase their artistic talents through their design, and dance performances!