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UIS’ main focus is on high-quality education service, to ensure everyone receives their educational needs. UIS offers smaller class sizes, specialized programs such as hockey-focused, art, and more, as well as extra-curricular activities for students to enjoy their school life.

UIS is also known for its distinctive student welfare services. No students are left out. UIS counselors and teachers always try their best to reach out to every one of the students who need attention.

With those qualities, students are able to achieve above and beyond their academic achievement and be able to enroll in schools of their desire. UIS has shown over 98% acceptance rate into prestigious universities around the globe. UIS tuition is reasonable among other private high schools plus all the student services available for the students.

As an International private high school, UIS tuition fee is widely known by students and parents to be affordable compared to the amount international students pay to attend a public high school in Canada. You can see UIS Tuition Fee Here. 

Academic-wise, UIS is equipped with state-of-the-art pedagogical facilities that stands out in Canada’s educational sector. This includes technologically equipped modern classrooms with smartboards and a digital system of assignment submission and teacher feedback which enables parents, teachers, and counsellors to be aware of students’ academic performance and growth. UIS students also enjoy a highly equipped art center with a variety of musical instruments and multimedia facilities, a huge gym consisting of three standard courts for basketball, indoor soccer, tennis, volleyball, and badminton, and a standard ice rink for hockey and ice skating plus a swimming pool located right in the school building.

UIS also provides a commodious students’ cafeteria with appliances such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, water fountains, and snack bars. Students at UIS can also enjoy their own private lockers and the luxury of borrowing numerous titles of books from UIS’s well-equipped library.

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UIS is known for providing quality education. We have experienced, specialized, and certified teachers, rigorous academic standards, and comprehensive curricula. Apart from that, what makes Urban International School unique in the Canadian and global educational arena is its specialized university preparatory philosophy. 

UIS is widely known for its university preparatory services.

Our curriculums are tailored to meet the requirements demanded by the reputable and competitive universities and colleges across Canada, U.S., U.K, and other countries around the world. Other than that, UIS focuses on international students’ language proficiency preparation to guarantee that students will not miss a chance of entering their desired university. This is mainly conducted by IELTS preparation courses and clubs run by experts followed by monthly IELTS Mock tests. Also, students choose the stream to cater to the post-secondary program of their interest as they start studying at Urban International School. Based on these streams, the UIS academic team devises a study plan that includes the elective courses specifically necessary for their chosen streams. Finally, UIS counsellors help students regularly with their university application process so that they can just focus on their studies. This specialized university preparatory program has led to a highly successful result of a 98% university acceptance rate which defines superb academic excellence for UIS.

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In order to grant a high school diploma in Ontario, students need 30 credits. (18 compulsory courses and 12 elective courses = 30 credits)  Also, to receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, students must complete a minimum number of volunteering hours.

Students entering the school from:

Grade 9 will need 40 volunteer hours.
Grade 10 will need 30 volunteer hours.
Grade 11 will need 20 volunteer hours.
Grade 12 will need 10 volunteer hours.

In addition, it is mandatory to take OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test). If one fails the test, they have the option to take the test the following year or to take the OSSLC (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course).

Please take a look for more details: OSSD-requirements

UIS offers a specialized Counselling Service to provide students with support and guidance on related topics.

The service is provided in a variety of students’ native languages. (Other than English, UIS counsellors speak Korean, Vietnamese, Persian, Mandarin, and Turkish commensurate with the diversity of student body at UIS.)

  • Student life and development – course options and selection, diploma requirements, academic support.

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