CHEP Program

(Canadian High School Experience)

At Urban International School (UIS), we believe that the world is an open classroom, and there’s no better way to learn than through immersive experiences. Introducing the heartwarming UIS CHEP Program – a transformative journey that brings together the best of Canada and UIS. For international students in Grades 8 to 11, this program offers a unique opportunity to dip their toes into the Canadian high school system before fully committing to it.

Live Learning Experience

UIS assists students who are thinking of attending university in Canada and abroad but are unsure what to expect. During the summer program, students will participate in real classes. Moreover, depending on their English level, students will get a chance to interact with our full-time students via club activities.

Our Teachers

UIS teachers support students’ learning. If you need any assistance, our teachers will be happy to help you. Our teachers are Ontario Certified and they are experts in working with ESL learners.

Any questions regarding CHEP Program ?

Please contact at [email protected]