High School


High School Courses

UIS High School Course offers a broad range of courses to students to help them get a well-rounded education. The courses in arts, Business and Management, Canadian and World Studies, Computer and Technology, English, Mathematics, Social Sciences Humanities, and Sciences are designed to help students develop essential skills, knowledge, and understanding that will prepare them for their future academic and professional endeavors.

UIS NEW Elective courses

 UIS respects diversity and students’ wide variety of interests. UIS is meeting such expectations by running a variety of elective courses including a Visual Design course and an Introduction to Computer Programing course.

Visual Design

The visual Design course focuses on art appreciation and studio activities. Students will analyze and interpret works of fine art and works in applied design and crafts. They will also get a chance to be trained in Illustrator, photoshop, and InDesign programs to train them for the future.


Introduction to Computer Programming is a course to introduce students to computer programming concepts and practices. Students will write and test coding using various program-solving strategies, including software development to software development for AI coding.