UIS Student Service

UIS Student Service

UIS has two student service programs: Signature Service for University and College Admission
and authorized IELTS centre and IELTS Mock test.

Signature Service

UIS team will help you in every step of your university or college application. Our team has helped students for over a decade with their university and college preparation, so when you are ready to apply you will have assistance with the application form, statement of purpose, among a few other required documents.

Authorized IELTS Centre and IELTS Mock Test

UIS is an authorized IELTS centre and it also prepares students to write their IELTS test with our monthly mock tests. A language proficiency test is a mandatory requirement for all international students in Canada and around the world when they apply for university and college. Therefore, UIS helps students practice their skills before they need to take the test.

Catch-up Program: for oversea students

UIS understands the challenges students who reside overseas have regarding the time difference. From April 2021, UIS launched Catch-up Program for students overseas and it was a great success. They have been registered for an individual meeting with their teachers at a time that suits their schedule considering the time difference between Canada and their home country. Catch-up programs are run by classroom teachers in the morning time (ETS) from 8:30 a.m. to 9: 00 a.m. All hybrid students are welcome to join the program. You just need to message your teacher for your time slot!

Student Adaptation Service (SAS)

UIS provides individual counseling services to our In-person students from the coming year 2021-2022. This specialized service is for students who feel isolated due to the prolonged period of the pandemic and are not used to having an interactive learning classroom environment. UIS also helps students with developing their learning skills and tips to adapt in Canada in the counseling meetings.

This service is for both new students (mandatory at the beginning of their school year) and current students (optional) on both campuses. Students are always welcome to make appointments with a professional and experienced Canadian counselor throughout the school year.