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UIS is a Toronto Private School, specialized in university preparation, as well as a home for middle school students serious about high school. UIS has successfully graduated thousands of students while sending them to diverse prestigious universities around the world.


affordable Tuition for the Best Quality

Looking for school that not only fits the budget but worth every dollar spent? UIS tuition fee is extremely competitive compared to other private schools and UIS program offers top-quality education with experienced teachers and a comprehensive curriculum that ensures every student is prepared for success.
Don’t settle for less when it comes to your child’s education. Choose Urban International School and invest in the future today.


Outstanding Academic Performance

UIS provides unparalleled educational excellence and help student to achieves outstanding academic success. With comprehensive curriculum that is designed to challenge and inspire, students have the opportunity to develop all the skills they need to thrive academically.
In Addition to our rigorous academic programs, we offer a wealth of additional resources to support students in their academic pursuits, such as tutorial sessions, art-facilities, sports centres, and a knowledgeable academic advising team.


Great Student Welfare Service

UIS team monitors and checks up on students at home and on their homestay. UIS strongly believes in the trinity of Home, student, and teacher working together to bring out greatness. UIS Student Welfare Service is there to check if students are well treated at home and if their peer-relationship is well established to ensure they are mentally and emotionally ready for their school.


Frequent Counselling

UIS students are always supported by experts who can speak their language. UIS students are given mandatory academic counselling sessions throughout the semester. The team is always on standby to help them through their toughest problems whether it is personal or academic. UIS team prioritizes the mental and physical safety of our students and ensures that everyone is welcomed in the community.
UIS believes in nurturing students for continuous support to ensure academic success.


Variety of Accommodation

All our accommodations’ main motto is to invite and welcome. UIS believes the student care starts from home. To ensure such care, UIS has a variety of accommodations prepared to meet everyone’s needs.


Boutique Program

UIS Boutique Program is an elite student care service for excelling students who needs a life-management for an extra push. UIS Boutique Program monitors the daily attendance to academic performance, as well as the tutoring sessions. The goal is to achieve academic performance for their postsecondary study.


Specialized Programs in Art / Sports focused

UIS is a school of inclusion. It not only focuses on academic courses but also art and sports-related courses as well. UIS has high performing gym, swimming pool, and an ice rink for serious hockey players. UIS art program is designed for Art program applicants to prepare Art Portfolios.