Message from President

UIS is a Private high school in a busy city of Toronto. It is our duty and commitment to make our school as a wonderful learning place for international students in Toronto. UIS is an international high school located in Toronto, welcoming students from all over the world and supporting them in every step of their grand academic career a school.

UIS team takes pride in being extremely supportive and caring students in every aspect while studying here in Toronto at UIS.

Our Story

Urban International School (UIS) is an inspected private high school in Toronto. Over a decade, UIS has offered specialized academic programs that are designed for students who wish to pursue post-secondary education in Canada and worldwide. UIS has a team of friendly and dedicated teachers who are Ontario certified. UIS now offers grade 7 through grade 12 education programs, supporting a diverse student body from around the world, and preparing them for their bright future. 

The milestone for

your university success!

UIS Journey


Urban International School was founded in 2009, in the very heart of Toronto Downtown. Since its establishment, UIS has been working with a wide variety of students to develop a positive learning environment to make learning meaningful to every student.


UIS moved to the current location in 2017 for an expansion, and in 2018, UIS successfully opened its second campus in North York. Since the Pandemic started unexpectedly in March 2020, UIS quickly adapted and moved onto hybrid and online platforms to continue the learning for UIS students.

2021 - Present

UIS has continued to view the pandemic as an opportunity to continue to enhance our strong commitment to providing academic excellence and unprecedented student support through hybrid and E-learning courses.

Present - 2025

UIS is continuing to grow. Our goal by 2025 is to find a school building to call our home. We will be moving to our own niche to accommodate all teams and students.