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Urban International School, UIS is a Toronto Private School, home of high school students and middle school students. Urban International High School is a specialized university preparatory school that focuses on bringing out the best academic potential in students. UIS middles school is a home for grade 7-8 students who are serious about their high school career.

What Makes UIS Different?

Successfully graduating and enrolling students into over 50 different universities around the world, UIS strives to nurture intellectual growth in students toward their path to success.


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UIS Boutique is life and academic management program. Through close monitoring, UIS fosters them to be more responsible individuals to excel to reach their full potential.

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UIS Elective Courses

UIS respects diversity and students’ wide variety of interests. UIS is meeting such expectations by running a variety of elective courses including the Visual Design course and the Introduction to Computer Programing course.


What UIS alumni say about
their experience

Songhyun Beak

I have been honoured with a $100,000 scholarship from the University of Toronto. Through the UIS student council, I was able to take on responsibilities that allowed me to organize school activities and contribute positively to our student body. These roles helped me develop leadership skills and a sense of accountability.

Erfan Hadi

Studying at UIS since Grade 11 has been an enriching experience. The safe international environment fostered new adventures like making global friendships, learning a universal language, and collaborating with diverse teams. Teamwork, integral to UIS, enhanced my Canadian adventure and exposed me to various cultures.

Zhengxun Liao

UIS has an international outlook and high-quality teaching, with a wide range of courses to meet the needs of students applying to universities in different disciplines, and a team of teachers who are always on hand to provide the most effective help to students. UIS is not only a school, but also a big family.

Nguyen Uyen My Pham

UIS staff consistently address numerous inquiries arising during university applications. The teachers here guided me through each step, ensuring a smooth application process. My heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers at Urban International School for their attentive support tailored to my needs.

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Public Recognition

UIS’s education methodology is grounded in the principles of positive change and has earned widespread recognition across all levels of the Canadian government.