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Urban International School, UIS is a Toronto Private School, home of high school students and middle school students. Urban International High School is a specialized university preparatory school that focuses on bringing out the best academic potential in students. UIS middles school is a home for grade 7-8 students who are serious about their high school career.

What Makes UIS Different?

Successfully graduating and enrolling students into over 50 different universities around the world, UIS strives to nurture intellectual growth in students toward their path to success.


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UIS Boutique is life and academic management program. Through close monitoring, UIS fosters them to be more responsible individuals to excel to reach their full potential.

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UIS Elective Courses

UIS respects diversity and students’ wide variety of interests. UIS is meeting such expectations by running a variety of elective courses including the Visual Design course and the Introduction to Computer Programing course.


What UIS alumni say about
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Ho, Chau Anh

UIS has provided a professional environment for students to improve their English skills as well as figure out what their passions are. The counselors and teachers at UIS are always willing to help me whenever I need them and answer all my questions about lessons or university applications. 

75. Tafesse, Eyasu Mulugeta

Tafesse, Eyasu

Looking back on my school experience, I’m grateful for the countless opportunities it has afforded me. From participating in extracurricular activities to discovering my passions and interests, the school has provided a supportive and nurturing environment where I could explore and learn, Love UIS.


Zhang, Xintao

The consultant teachers at this school are not only kind and approachable but also extremely helpful in facilitating our studies. As a student studying here for a year, I could not be more grateful to have such diligent teachers who go above and beyond to ensure our success. Heartfelt thanks to all the teachers, for your amazing work!


Yan, Chenxin

For our university applications, UIS staff always answers thousands of questions that appear in the application process. The teachers in this school helped me step by step to help to ensure that my application went smoothly. Thank you to all the teachers at Urban International School for taking into account all my needs.

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Public Recognition

UIS’s education methodology is grounded in the principles of positive change and has earned widespread recognition across all levels of the Canadian government.