uis clubs

UIS clubs are a space for students to engage in the school community and in Toronto. Joining a club is a great opportunity for students to make friends, know more about Canada and its culture as well as improve their leadership skills. Here's a list of a few of the clubs we offer:

Friday @ 3:30 PM
North York Campus

We will be exploring different technologies and various people who made significant contributions to the world of science. We will also do online experiments and create models of multiple instruments.

Tuesday @3:30
North York Campus

Students will make a reading list of books. We will pick one and read it together. We will practice English and public speaking skills, and prepare a presentation of the book analysis.

Monday @ 3:30 PM
Eglinton Campus

The yoga club will introduce and or review basic yoga practices, including breathing, flexibility, and balance, and provide a calming and relaxing environment for students after their study day. We will begin by working on beginner poses and salutations and work our way up to focusing on specific muscles and skills. No yoga experience is required.

Thursday @ 3:30 PM
Eglinton Campus

Media Club will be running a digital gallery of UIS artists on UIS Media Club Instagram! We will also organize the UIS student gallery on school bulletin boards, making updates biweekly basis. If you are interested in video editing, photography, and art, you should definitely come and join our club!

Wednesday @ 3:30 PM
North York Campus

Do you want to make new friends at school? Come and join the board games club and you can make friends and have fun together. We will practice English while playing games together. 


Everyday @ 12:00 PM to 12:30pm
North York Campus

We bring your Sports Club to all UIS students! UIS Sports Club is for all UIS students who like to make friends and stay fit! We play different sports every meeting, learn from each other and simply try to take control of our hand-coordination!