UIS clubs are a space for students to engage in the school community and in Toronto. Joining a club is a great opportunity for students to make friends, know more about Canada and its culture as well as improve their leadership skills. Here's a list of a few of the clubs we offer:

Busin-ess Club

The business club is the hub for students interested in an international and local businesses. In this club, students will discuss economic issues and learn about doing business in Canada and abroad. Students will also be encouraged to join international business competitions and apply for business scholarships offered by business institutions.

Media club

Students will get a chance to video shoot and edit their work to produce media contents tobe published on UIS Social media page. This is a great opportunity for especially the artstudents to have first-hand experiences ofproducing, and editing the work for public view. UIS is set up with a studio and sound-proof audioroom for students to work on their products!

Presen-tation Club

If you are looking for opportunities to learn communication and leadership skills, this club is for you!
This club focuses on helping students overcome nervousness when speaking in front of groups, organize and present ideas logically as well as be active listeners.

Sport& Fitness club

In this club, students practice socially distanced games such as dodgeball, badminton, volleyball, among others, learn the rules of each game, and join school tournaments. This club is perfect for students who like to be active, learn new sports and make friends.

Com-puter Science club

This club provides opportunities for students who aim for computer science courses and programs at the secondary level. In this club, students will learn and practice using programming languages used at colleges and universities in Canada and around the world.