Welcome to the dynamic world of UIS Clubs, where your passions meet opportunities for growth and camaraderie. 

Drama Club

Monday @ 3:10 PM | Ms.Nafas

Elevate your athleticism and connect with fellow badminton enthusiasts in our Badminton Club. Improve your skills, enjoy friendly matches, and stay active in a supportive environment.

Basketball Club

Tuesday @ 3:10 PM | Mr.Justin

Welcome to the Urban International School Basketball Club! Join us for an exciting basketball experience where we not only aim to excel on the court but also foster lasting friendships and valuable life lessons. Come dribble, shoot, and score with us at Urban International School Basketball Club!

Soccer Club

Wednesday @3:10 

Our club is a vibrant community where students of all skill levels unite to share their love for soccer. With a focus on skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Join us for an exhilarating soccer experience, fostering camaraderie, growth, and the joy of the game.

Skating Club

Thursday @3:10 

Ice Skating Club is officially launched this February. For most UIS Students, Skating is rather a foreign sport and they are eager to join the club to learn to skate.

Thursday @ 3:10 PM | Ms.Helen

Embrace your creative side and amplify your online presence through the YouTube Club. Dive into content creation, video editing, and storytelling as you share your unique perspectives with the world.

2023-2024 Student Council

Friday @ 8:30 am | Ms.Sarah

Shape the school experience and make a meaningful impact through the Student Council. Lead initiatives, voice student concerns, and drive positive change within the Urban International School community.