Welcome to the dynamic world of UIS Clubs, where your passions meet opportunities for growth and camaraderie. Explore an array of engaging extracurriculars including the Badminton Club, Debate Club, Basketball Club, and YouTube Club.

Monday @ 3:10 PM | Ms.Nafas

Elevate your athleticism and connect with fellow badminton enthusiasts in our Badminton Club. Improve your skills, enjoy friendly matches, and stay active in a supportive environment.

Tuesday @3:10 | Mr.Justin

Sharpen your communication prowess and critical thinking in the Debate Club. Engage in spirited discussions, refine your argumentation skills, and foster a deeper understanding of diverse viewpoints.

Wednesday @ 3:10 PM | Ms.Shaivi

Dribble, shoot, and slam-dunk your way into our Basketball Club. Join fellow players in friendly games, skill-building drills, and teamwork exercises while forming lasting connections.

Thursday @ 3:10 PM | Ms.Helen

Embrace your creative side and amplify your online presence through the YouTube Club. Dive into content creation, video editing, and storytelling as you share your unique perspectives with the world.

Friday @ 8:30 am | Ms.Sarah

Shape the school experience and make a meaningful impact through the Student Council. Lead initiatives, voice student concerns, and drive positive change within the Urban International School community.