College Stream

College Stream

The College stream is for students who want to go to an Ontario College. Ontario College is suitable for students who want to enter the workforce as quickly as possible and learn a specific skill or trade. Programs usually require two to four core courses and the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.


Academic (3 Core Courses)

•   English (ENG4U or ENG4C) Most programs

•  Math Grade 11 or 12 (MCR3U, MBC3C, MCF3M, MCV4U, MHF4U) Most programs

•  Chemistry 11 or 12 (SCH3U, SCH4U) Most of engineering or health care related college program


Electives (4 Core Courses)

•   Business (BAF3M, BBB4M, BOH4M)

•  Social Sciences (HSP3U, HSB4U)

•  Music (AMU3M, AMU4U)

•  Drama (ADA3M, ADA4M)